The Protection Posse in your garden

As the moon rose, the caterpillar began working on the tomato leaves. She was only a few hours old, and her genetic makeup required she eat and get fat fast to become a moth and stay alive long enough to mate and lay eggs. She munched steadily. Suddenly her antenna picked up a vibration, a change in the air. She froze, but it was too late; Assassin stung! After finishing her off, the Assassin bug moved to another section of the plant. …

“Finished!” Lisa happily added the last period to the last sentence of her next book. After the huge sales of her recent bestseller, Surviving the Chase, she felt confident about this one. “I’m going to celebrate by making an amazing meal for the family.”

She went to the garden to pick veggies, including an eggplant she had been watching. It was huge, so it would be the basis for a delicious Roasted Eggplant Panzanella with Capers, Olives, and Pine Nuts recipe. As she got closer to the garden, her eyes got bigger and bigger. The eggplant, along with her peppers…

As the sun slipped below the horizon, twilight began its ascent, bringing another beautiful day in the bay to a close. The mother deer, keeping her twin fawns within eyesight, stepped lightly through the brush beneath the old oaks, often pausing to sniff the air for the scent of a coyote. Early evening was when she felt safest to travel to the salt lick. Neighbors left the block on a well-traveled deer path far away from area flower and veggie gardens. This deer had “marked” the salt block area, so she felt comfortable bringing her family to it. …

The top six energy boosting and weight loss seeds

Azul, the neighborhood bluebird, circled the sunflowers, but the emerging blooms were still tight buds, and it would be a while before she had access to their delectable seeds. In frustration, she flew into the kitchen window, repeatedly banging her wings. Annie threw a tea towel at the window to shoo her away. It worked; the cerulean bird flew off.

LJ walked into the kitchen, “was that Azul banging on the window, again?”

“Yes, I watched her circling the sunflowers; she knows one of her favorite seeds is growing and is…

The internal and external health benefits of Aloe Vera

The first rays of morning sun moved across the ceiling of Annie and LJ’s bedroom. The sunshine glowing through the skylight usually felt friendly, helping both wake up to the promise of a new day. Recently though, Annie was already awake, having spent another restless night tossing and turning.

“I have got to start getting more sleep,” she thought. After completing her morning meditation, she took her glass of water from the nightstand and walked into the bathroom. Peering at her skin in the mirror, she noticed the circles under her…

Getting Back to Normal with an Adrenal Friendly Plan and Diet

“Annie, I just got a text message. We can get our vaccines if we go right now. I hope the car starts; we haven’t driven it in so long,” joked LJ.

Minutes later, they arrived at the medical center. Signs directed them to the vaccine line, where there were about a half dozen cars ahead. They registered, got their shots, and drove home.

Annie pulled off her band-aid and tossed it, “Well, that was easy. It looks like our second shots are in two weeks?”

“Yes. I have meant…

“Finally,” exclaimed Annie as she and LJ walked up to Ruby’s Kitchen. It had been over a year since the doors of their favorite restaurant closed. When they heard it was reopening, they made plans to be among its first customers on Saturday morning. They decided to walk the two miles to get in their daily exercise and work up an appetite for Ruby’s super delicious breakfasts. As they approached the restaurant, they were greeted by several friends and neighbors who were also headed to Ruby’s.

LJ waved at Bennie and Celeste, “Hey, you two, if you’re going to Ruby’s…

“How lovely.” Annie smiled at the handwritten note from Kelly and Mark. “LJ, your brother, and his wife invited us to lunch next Sunday. Kelly’s note says we’ll sit outside, so socially-distancing should be easy.”

“That’s nice. I want to see how the backyard remodel turned out. Let’s bring a veggie bouquet because we have lots of asparagus and broccoli right now.”

“Ok, I’m also thinking about making a batch of ghee, and we can bring them a couple of jars.”

“Gee, ghee, what a good idea,” quipped LJ. …

March is National Nutrition Month

“LJ, wake up; the baby is coming now.” Annie leaped out of bed and raced to get dressed. Thirty minutes later, they were driving to the hospital. Their neighbors, Sam, and Rachel were having their first child.

LJ and Annie were the first to extend a welcome to them when they moved eight years ago to the Bay Area from New York having been recruited by tech companies. It was an exciting yet bittersweet time since the move took them away from family. Over the years, the couples became close, as the newbies adjusted to…


The rain was torrential, drumming in a rhythm that reminded Annie this was the heart of winter in the Bay Area. She saw the squirrel family run across the fence impervious to the cold and wind. A tiny hummingbird flew up to the kitchen window to check her out for a few seconds and flew off. She smiled, listening to Chick Corea’s legendary Spain from the Light as a Feather album, as she chopped carrots and broccoli, trimmed the snow peas, and sliced the red bell pepper adding all to the slow cooker.

“Mmmmm, you smell so good,” said…

Andrea Breaux

Andrea started based on her goal to inspire a shift in consciousness that recognizes food-as-medicine and the core of good health.

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