The Top Foods that support Bone Health

Andrea Breaux
3 min readJan 29, 2023

And one to limit.

Annie glanced up from the computer screen out her office window at her favorite mountain peak. It was shrouded in storm clouds. She sighed; she hadn’t seen its top in days. Although the rain brought much-needed relief from the drought, the region had been experiencing for several years, this deluge had been unremitting, going into its third week.

“I’m happy it’s raining, but a little bit of sunshine occasionally would be welcome about now,” she thought, getting up and walking over to the closet. After reaching inside for the jump rope, she closed the office door to avoid disturbing LJ and started jumping. She had been practicing doing 50 jumps before stopping, but recently she noticed that by the time she reached 40, she started losing rhythm and getting tangled in the rope. Sure enough, just as she was 10 jumps away from 50, she stepped on the rope. There was a soft knock on the door as she stopped to reorient and start again. “Come in, sweetheart.”

LJ opened the door, “interested in lunch?”

“Whatever you’re cooking, I’m interested.”

“You’re my favorite chef, too,” laughed LJ. “I notice you’ve been jumping rope more recently. Is there a reason?”

“Yes, I’m paying more attention to my bone health. Jumping is a load-bearing activity…



Andrea Breaux

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