Percolating Problems: Climate Change’s Wake-Up Call for Coffee Production

Andrea Breaux
4 min readJul 30

And What You Can do About It

The impact of climate change on coffee production cannot be overstated. It’s not just a problem but a looming disaster threatening the future of coffee. Small farms that depend on rain-fed agriculture are especially vulnerable to changing weather patterns resulting in prolonged dry spells, water shortages, hailstorms, erratic and extreme rainfall. These changes are already triggering new pest and disease epidemics, destroying crops and harvests. Without immediate action, coffee could become extinct by the end of this century. — Coffee&Climate

Annie stepped out of the shower, her skin tingling from the invigorating rush of water. Having just finished her morning run, she felt the satisfying burn in her muscles, signaling a perfect start to the day. Wrapping herself in a fluffy towel, she made her way to the bedroom window, drawn by the familiar sounds of LJ and their next-door neighbor, Bob’s voices drifting in the air. The day promised abundant radiant sunshine, its golden rays casting a warm glow on the scene before her. As she leaned against the windowsill, she spotted them engaged in an animated conversation, each holding a steaming cup of coffee.

Curiosity piqued; Annie strained to hear. Then, she caught a snippet of their conversation, causing her eyebrows to arch.

“My family in Jamaica is struggling with their coffee farm,” said Bob, slowly sipping his coffee. The agriculture department sent them a notice stating that their traditional farming methods have harmed the environment, and now their soil is depleted. They want to buy and clear the adjacent land for a new crop. But it’s expensive, and environmentalists are fighting them in court.

“That’s a tough situation, Bob. I’m sorry to hear that and hope there’s another way. Studies show that clearing forests for coffee plantations has contributed to deforestation and biodiversity loss. But I recently learned that sustainable coffee farming practices can have environmental benefits.”

“Really? Like What?”

“Let’s sit,” said LJ as he walked to the bench. “That’s right. Agroforestry systems can conserve forests, promote biodiversity, and improve soil health. A popular

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