How Friends, Entertainers, and Social Cognitive Theory Can Help You Change Your Eating Habits

Andrea Breaux
5 min readFeb 4, 2024

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are renowned globally as two high-profile vegans. In a preface for a book by Marco Borges, Beyoncé’s fitness coach, they shared about the transformative power of veganism in their lives. From their perspective, they emphasized that adopting a vegan lifestyle is of worldwide significance. They penned, “We each bear an obligation to advocate for our health and our planet’s health. Let’s unite in this commitment. Let’s disseminate the truth. Let’s turn this mission into a movement.”

LJ couldn’t resist the vibrant sound of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love,” filling the room and drawing him towards it. With a smile, he lingered in the doorway, captivated by Annie’s passionate dancing. He thought about secretly filming her to capture the moment but realized how special and intimate this experience was. He decided to savor it as a precious memory instead. “Her happiness and free-spiritedness create such beautiful moments,” he thought.

From the corner of her eye, Annie noticed LJ watching her dance and laughed, motioning for him to join in. But LJ shook his head with a tinge of regret in his voice. “I missed my chance; the song is already over.”

“You know I enjoy dancing, especially with you.”

LJ playfully teased her, warmth shining in his eyes. “I think you have a soft spot for dancing to Beyonce.”

Annie laughed and agreed. “Well, I can’t deny my love for her music. And I truly admire how Beyonce and Jay-Z are leading the way for a vegan lifestyle and inspiring others to embrace it.”

LJ nodded. “They are influential. I bet as fans became aware of the Carter’s lived experience, their curiosity led them to explore a plant-based diet because veganism is gaining in popularity worldwide.”

“So many famous people are vegans,” said Annie. “Many did it for personal and planetary health reasons. For example, Serena Williams did it for her health and saw incredible improvements. Russell Simmons believes it can help with hunger and climate change. For Erykah Badu, vegan food embodies true soul food, nourishing the body and spirit. Taraji P. Henson experiences many benefits — more energy, better sleep, and overall well-being…



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