Eat Your Way to Wealth and Wellness: How to Enjoy Delicious and Nutritious Foods without Breaking the Bank

Andrea Breaux
6 min readSep 24

Healthy eating benefits your health and budget. It can avoid or control diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. These diseases can cost you a lot in drugs, operations, and hospital stays. Eating foods with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber can prevent diseases and reduce healthcare expenses.

It was a typical warm and sunny September day in the Bay. Annie and LJ walked hand in hand as they passed through Sather Gate, the iconic entrance to UC Berkeley, Annie’s alma mater. They continued to Sproul Plaza, the heart of student life, where they saw various groups of students protesting, performing, or promoting their causes. Annie smiled as she remembered taking part in some rallies and events during her college days.

They were headed to Wheeler Hall, the largest lecture hall on campus, where they were scheduled to give their talk on eating healthy on a student shoestring budget. Wheeler Hall was a majestic building with a classical facade and a large dome. It was built in 1917 and has hosted many famous speakers and events over the years.

They entered the building and were greeted by a friendly staff member who led them through the spacious auditorium and onto a stage with a podium and a screen. The room was already filled with eager students.

Annie adjusted her microphone, “Hi, everyone. We are so happy to be here and share our experience with you. It feels like just a few years ago when I was a Cal student living on a shoestring budget. I didn’t realize how important eating healthy was to my well-being until I woke up one morning barely able to get out of bed. I managed to get to Cowell Hospital here on campus and was diagnosed as severely anemic and malnourished. I had to figure out how to eat well quickly with limited time and money. That experience fostered my interest in healthy eating. That is an activity LJ and I have always shared, so today, we will discuss what we’ve learned to stay nourished and healthy.”

LJ nodded and flipped on the first slide. “Annie is determined that her college experience around her health does not become common for you college students. In fact, we have been eating…

Andrea Breaux

Andrea started based on her goal to inspire a shift in consciousness that recognizes food-as-medicine as the core of good health.